Showyou 5.4.4

Your Social TV and Video Player for YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and more

Watch the Internet with the award-winning, fun-to-use, beautiful video app made specifically for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

We built Showyou to make tuning into the Internet as easy as turning on your TV.

Showyou gathers the best videos of the day and puts them into a clever lineup programmed just for you.

* Watch videos shared by people you follow on Twitter and Tumblr, channels you follow on YouTube and Vimeo, and your friends on Facebook.

* Watch your favorite channels, with 100s to choose from including the Daily Show, Colbert Report, TED, Reddit TV, Pitchfork, Funny or Die, Break, and more.

* Make your own channel, you just have to share a video.

* Seamlessly share videos with your friends on Showyou, Facebook, Twitter or by email.

* Browse through and search the biggest hand-picked video collection on the Internet, with over 100 million videos, all selected by our users and their friends.

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Showyou 5.4.4

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